Managing the "Business" of Practicing Law(R)

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Elizabeth M. Miller, MBA**

Law Practice Management Consultant

I help clients maximize outcomes and profitability by developing a solid strategic plan. I will help you grow your team by delegating work to the "most competent, least expensive person", improve your work-flow and processes to be more efficient, and handle the administrative functions that are "managing the business of practicing law(R)". 


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**Certified Clio Consultant

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Billing is an essential aspect of running a successful law practice. It is how your law firm gets paid for its work, takes care of overhead bills, pays employees, and how you compensate yourself. If done incorrectly, your billing practices can threaten the very existence of your firm. Tracking and billing time to clients – whether it is hourly, flat fee, value or some hybrid thereof – is an important part of working in a law firm. Even in a contingency case you need to make sure your firm is reimbursed for costs.

Too often over the years, I have heard the excuses from attorneys about why they have not done their billing. Usually, the excuse is “I am too busy – I will get to it when I can.” Bluntly put, that is a poor excuse. If your firm is that busy, outsource your billing. The benefits of outsourcing your billing work and getting paid regularly will far outweigh the cost of outsourcing. My attorney/clients have a less than 5% AR.

Less than 5% AR!!

This book was written to help attorneys understand that billing needs to be a regular part of the process of handling a client’s case. This will result in being timely paid for your work, and as I like to put it, “not get stuck holding the money bag”. The billing guidelines will enable attorneys to bill their clients every 30 days, reconcile their trust accounts on a regular basis and keep the cash flow coming in on a regular basis.

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